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DStv Installations Edenburg is an established DStv Installation company with highly skilled teams of technical experts. We deal in all aspects of DStv installations services.

We help our clients to get the right DStv system solutions to suit their needs and budget. Our Technicians handle everything from helping you select the right requirements and provide you with a true professional service beyond your expectations. Give us a call today by clicking this number 073-487-3497.

We are committed to delivering highest quality DStv installation through innovation and consistency.Due to our vast knowledge and a wealthy of experience DStv Installations Edenburg has over the years built a solid reputation for service delivery, affordable pricing and professional expertise.We endeavor to communicate openly and sincerely with customers not only-but also take responsibility for our actions and decisions versus blaming. We treat our customers as equal regardless of race, creed or social standing as a result we operate on first come, first serve basis and Most importantly we offer you a same day quick reliable installation service to all your DStv needs. Get in touch with your Edenburg DStv installer on 073-487-3497


|New DStv Installation in Edenburg|

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We have an array of different options available, we will help you to
pick the right type of decoder or decoders, Channel packages and so much
more Dstv installation services that suits your requirements

|Extra-View Installation in Edenburg|

dstv installation Edenburg

In many households the choice of TV programs always vary. To resolve this impasse, we provide DStv Extra View Installation in Edenburg. Extra-view allows you to watch two separate DStv channels in two separate rooms independently without interfering with each other. Now husband can watch his sports and NEWS. Wife can watch her cooking shows and soapies.

|Third View Installation in Edenburg|

dstv installation Edenburg

We offer Dstv Third View Installation in Edenburg Like Extra-View, Third View comes with kids in mind. It allows you to watch three separate Dstv channels in three separate rooms at the same time. This is the ideal set up. Now kids can watch their cartoons independently.

|Satellite Dish Installation in Edenburg|

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When it comes to Satellite dish installation in Edenburg. We offer great advice on Dstv dish installation and positioning to ensure you get great quality, flawless and uninterrupted HD viewing 24/7. Because we are the best among the rest.

|Commercial DStv Installation in Edenburg|

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Commercial DStv Installation in Edenburg is used by a wide range of businesses and industries in Gauteng including retail stores. Guest houses. Lodges. Hotels. Bars. Nightclubs. Corporates to name just a few.

|Communal DStv Installation in Edenburg|

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Communal DStv Installation in Edenburg is the ideal for properties. Having a communal dish means you can erect one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms a customer might have. This will keep your property looking good, without the clutter of satellite dishes. It also increase the property value.

DStv Installation Edenburg Additional Services:

The above are all very important aspects of a Dstv Installation services. It always depends on your package and needs. If you choose to use us we have trained installers who are able to install all the services listed above without any problems. Because we have the expertise required to rectify the issue for you and our  prices are relatively low.

Give us a call 073-487-3497 for a quick reliable and guaranteed installation with a Dstv accredited installer. 

 Our Business hours are: 

07:30 hrs to 21:00 hrs Mondays
to Saturday 

09:00 hrs to 17:00
hrs Sundays.

We adhere to the highest standards of any. Dstv accredited installer in Edenburg and dedicated to providing the highest degree of workmanship making. Dstv installation as easy as possible.

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Why Use Us?

DSTV installations Edenburg doesn’t come any easier. Our 13 years experience working with Digital TV products. Aerials & Satellite equipment means we are able to work fast. Offer great advice and keep costs low. Our engineers work tirelessly in Edenburg. With several teams on the road. We always aim to offer a same-day basic install and will get you up and running in no time whatever your requirements might be. Call the areas No1. DSTV Company and we’ll be happy to assist you the best way we can.

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