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At Dstv installations Birch Acres we deal in all aspects of DSTV installation services like Satellite Dish Alignment , HD PVR Installation, Single view Installation, Extra View Installation, Third View Installation, Antenna Installation and LNB Replacements, DSTV Decoder repairs, TV Mounting and also Surround Sound Installations . The above are all very important aspects of a DSTV Installations  services depends on your package and needs. If you choose to use Satellite Masters we have trained installers who are able to install all the services listed above without any problems and our prices are relatively low.

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For all your dstv needs,dstv relocations,signal losses|Dstv extra view up grades to extra views and tripple views we are offering you a same day solution to all your dstv needs.

1. Dstv installations and up grades.
2. Dstv explora and hd pvr installations and up grades.
3. Dstv signal loss and repairs.
4. Extra view installations and 3rd viewing.
5. Surround sound system connections.
6. Mount led tvwall brackets and sales.
7. Dstv extra tv points connections.
8. Faulty signal connections.
9. Faulty lnb replacements.
10. Data points connections.
11. Ovhd installations.
12. Communal system Installations & Repairs.

For a quick,reliable and guaranteed installation with an accredited installer

Dstv Installer in Birch Acres

Dstv installer in Birch Acres supply all types of dishes, LNB’s (single/ smart etc.) and decoders- which include Single View HD, Explora and Explora 2 etc.


Our installation services include satellite dishes, decoders, LNB’s, wifi connectors, xtraview, relocation and reinstallation.

Dstv installer in Birch Acres
Dstv installer in Birch Acres


If you are experiencing signal connection we have the expertise required to rectify the issue for you, this would entail tuning or realigning your dish. For repairs needed on your decoder- visit a Dstv installer in Birch Acres and we will assist you.


Dstv installer in Birch Acres offer additional services as well so that our helping hands extend to a larger amount of people. So for all your OVHD or CCTV system supply, repairs and maintenance requests feel free to contact us so that we may meet your requests to the best of our ability. Dstv installer in Birch Acres take pride in the services that we provide so feel free to contact us- we are only a call away.

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No matter what problem/issue you might seem to have with your Dstv dish or decoder we are here for you. 

We are certified in this field and give you excellent services. Sometimes due to bad weather, it can cause your satellite dish to be slightly shifted off it’s original alignment causing signal loss because the Dstv signal is so sensitive, the dish only needs to shift as little as a few mm, and that can cause your Dstv to not work anymore and this what may cause you a signal loss error message on your television screen.

It is always best to call out a professional to come and repair your DSTV and it is advised not to do it on your own. Normally DSTV repairs take very quick and you will have your DSTV up and running ASAP. Anything can cause your DSTV to not work any longer, such has lightening, power failures that ‘blow’ up decoder, a technical error or fault with decoder, bad wiring, bad power lines. We also repair your decoders to remotes you name it.

Always report your fault immediately we can come as soon as possible to sort out the problem for you and you can go back to watching your daily TV. Make sure you used a certified and qualified DSTV repair man because you do not want any extra problems. Your DSTV decoder can simply be damaged from heat, dust, water.

A repair can be from anything from your dish, to your decoder, wiring or your remote. Make sure you can explain the fault to them on the phone before they come to you so they know more or less what the situation is. They can also help you to relocate your dish when moving and provide you with all the correct installations or if you are adding a second decoder to your home.
Always make 100% sure that there is definitely a fault with your DSTV before calling out anyone, will save you wasting their time and wasting your money. Always make sure you have a detailed report on the fault and when it happened i.e during a thunder storm, power failure or just a general fault.

Most dstv accredited installers Birch Acres come with warranties so that if something else occurs straight after they can assist you in correcting it. We have a 7 day – 14 day warranty and thereafter if anyother faults occur you will be charged normally.

Each of the technicians that work for Satellite Masters are accredited by DSTV and they carry their accreditation with them at all times, you are welcome to ask to see the accreditation. Sometimes if a new decoder is needed then you would need to call the provider to get a new decoder for your home. But other than that, they can assist you with all other problems that occur with your dstv installation Birch Acres.

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