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DStv Installation Schoemansville is a Multichoice accredited Company delivering the best DStv installations at very reasonable rates. We offer complete Dstv Repair services. Whether it’s a Signal problem, new DStv Installation, DStv Relocation, ExtraView connection, or any other DStv-related queries. Get in touch with our repairs & servicing department for a quick fix and restored viewing in no time.

At DStv Installation Schoemansville we’re committed to doing every job. The Right Way! Hence we are the preferred DStv and CCTV Installation company for quality and dependability.​ Below is a wide range of services we offer, select a picture with your required service to speak with one of our friendly DStv technicians.

DStv Installation Schoemansville Services.

Explora Installation Schoemansville.

the all new DStv Explora 3B
DStv Explora

For all your Dstv Explora Installations, contact our reliable and qualified Dstv technicians. We are always available and ready to assist in connecting your Dstv Explora. A point to note recommended Dstv Explora Installation requires an 80cm Satellite Dish Kit. As well as the Smart LNB or Smart Switch (when being connected to Dstv Communal Setup).

Extra View & Third View Installation Schoemansville.

DStv Installation Schoemansville
extra view installation

DStv installation Mooinooi provides the best Extra View Installation that doesn’t give you any challenges because of the most common “E143-32 Error Message”. The extra view allows you to link 2 or 3 (Tripple View) decoders under one Dstv Subscription. With an access fee of R95 for each extra view decoder. Please note, for a Tripple View Installation environment, a Dstv Explora Decoder must always be connected as the primary decoder. Additionally, Extra View Setup requires more knowledge about decoder combinations. Therefore click here to speak with us.

Satellite Dish Alignment & Installation Schoemansville.

DStv 80cm satellite dish Mooinooi
80 cm satellite dish

DStv Installation Schoemansville offers sustainable Signal Problem Solutions. Moreover, we are experts in Satellite Dish Installations, Re-alignments, and Relocations. As well as rusted Satellite Dish replacements and faulty LNB replacements. Therefore, hire us to get the best signal and don’t miss out on your favorite shows because of the “E48-32 Error Message”.

Extra TV Points Installation Schoemansville.

Extra TV Points Setup is whereby multiple TVs are connected to view the same channel being viewed on the main TV. This allows you to have as many TV’s you want in each and every room. In case you want more Extra TVs. Then, our qualified dstv installers in Mooinooi can assist you in the Installations of TV Points. As well as, TV MountingsProjector MountingsSurround Sound Speaker Wall Mountings. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Surround Sound Installation Schoemansville.

Surround Sound Installation Schoemansville.

Do you need a theatre-quality movie experience without going to a movie house? DStv Installation Schoemansville can help you out by installing and setting up your Surround sound system. Then you can enjoy watching your Box office and Showmax movies on your Dstv Explora decoder. More so, listening to your music with the true sound quality from all directions.

Communal Satellite Dish Installation Schoemansville.

It is ideal for properties. Having a communal satellite dish means you can have one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms as a customer might have. To sum up, this will keep your property looking good. Without the clutter of satellite dishes, It also increases the property value.

DStv Installation Schoemansville Extra Services:

  • PlayStation & Xbox connection
  • Apple TV Box & Android TV Box configeration.
  • Blu-ray Player or DVD Player connection.
  • Smart TV Configuration.
  • HDMI extensions.
  • Netflix, Prime Video & Shomax Account Creation.

Above are all very important aspects of a Dstv Installation and home entertainment solutions. It always depends on your package and requirements. Thus If you choose DStv Installation Schoemansville we have trained installers who are able to install all the services listed above without any problems. Because they have all the expertise required to rectify the issue for you and our prices are relatively low. Since we strive for creativity and innovation that helps us gain a competitive advantage.

Affordable Dstv Installation Schoemansville.

DStv installation Schoemansville we are only a call away should you require any help with your DStv Installation or would like one of our DStv Technicians in Schoemansville to come out to you. With us, you can rest easy knowing that we will fix your problem in no time. Moreover, all our Dstv Installers in Schoemansville are fully qualified each with several years of experience and accredited by Multi-Choice. More so, they hold a solid reputation for good service and delivery excellence.

About DStv Installation Schoemansville.

  • DStv installation Schoemansville was established in 2014 when we started off operating in small parts of Johannesburg. In the past years, we have grown almost exponentially and are now covering multiple areas including Schoemansville.
  • DStv installation Schoemansville holds the lowest comeback rate in the industry because our installers are the best in the game and we don’t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only Multichoice accredited dstv installers so that it’s easy for us to meet all our customer’s requirements and needs. All our installers are always fully equipped, keep stock of all necessary equipment and accessories. No job is too big or too small for us.
  • We deliver professional DStv services for residential and commercial spaces.
  • Due to our vast knowledge and wealth of experience. We treat our customers as equal regardless of race, creed, or social standing, as a result, we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis and most importantly we offer you the same-day quick reliable installation service to all your DStv and home entertainment needs.
  • Moreover, we have a team of highly qualified, friendly, and experienced DStv installers operating exclusively in Mooinooi and surrounding areas. So, there is always a DStv Installer near you.
  • 24-hour emergency service for all Schoemansville residents and we are able to answer any call and be on site within 60 minutes so there’s no need for you to be sitting in without TV.



The job was estimated and carried out in a much professional manner indeed. They showed respect for my property and cleaned up before leaving. to tell the truth, I’m a happy customer.

JACO, 35

As long as you need DStv services and want it done right this is the company! I called them to come out & they were very professional & on time which is unusual for this type of industry, their invoice was all also very reasonable. So, I highly recommend DStv Installation Schoemansville.


We have confidence in our services and we want you to be really happy. In addition, we know there a lot of DStv Installation companies in Schoemansville you could choose from and we really value you taking an interest in us.

If for some reason you’re not completely happy with our installer just call us promptly and we will come back to fix whatever needs to be fixed until you are satisfied. At DStv installation Schoemansville value our customers by delivering ongoing technical support and after-sales service. Of which all our Dstv Installers are passionate to provide So, don’t hesitate to book for an appointment now.

dstv installer


Give us a call today for a quick reliable, and also a guaranteed installation with a Dstv accredited installer.

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