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Looking for a DSTV installer in Stellenbosch ?

There is no need to look elsewhere because at Satellite Masters we provide quick, cost-effective, and professional DSTV Installation for your home or business in Stellenbosch.

There are several very important aspects to consider when looking at home entertainment solutions. The solutions we deliver will suit both your needs and your budget. In addition, our creativity and innovation help us gain an edge in the market.

DStv installers in Strand

No job is too big or too small for DSTV installation Stellenbosch to handle. We carefully select all our technicians, and only those who meet our requirements make it onto our team. We ensure our technicians always carry with them all necessary equipment, tools, and accessories needed to perform any type of DSTV installation. So there are never any inconveniences or disappointments. Hence DSTV installation Stellenbosch is your trusted service provider for quality and reliability.

With that said, listed below is a variety of our DSTV services and home entertainment solutions DStv Installation Stellenbosch offers.

DSTV Installation Stellenbosch Services:

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No matter what your package and requirements are, our technicians can assist you with any of the services listed above without any hassle since they have the skills and experience to deal with any issue or challenge you might have. Whenever we do an installation, we do it the right way.

We can also assist you with extra services like:

  • PlayStation and Xbox connection.
  • Apple TV and Android TV Box Setup.
  • Blu-ray DVD Player.
  • Smart TV Configuration.
  • NetflixPrime Video and Showmax (account creations & logins).
DStv Installation Services

How DSTV Installation Stellenbosch Work?

Due to our stance of treating all customers equally regardless of race, creed, or social standing, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis and our main goal is to provide quick and reliable DStv installation in Stellenbosch. With several teams on the road, we always aim to offer same-day service to all our customers. We’ll work around your most convenient time, whether early morning, lunchtime, or after hours we accommodate. DSTV installation Stellenbosch provides professionalism backed up by extensive expertise in all our Installations as well as helping you to make the best choices that suit your budget and needs. As Accredited DSTV Installers in Stellenbosch, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. The reason why we always provide reliable services.

At DSTV Installation Stellenbosch we go the extra mile to ensure that every customer’s needs are provided. As a company, we strive to communicate openly and honestly with customers, and also take responsibility for our actions and decisions instead of blaming them. We serve all Residents, Complexes, and Business owners in Strand and surrounding areas.

Contact DStv Installation Stellenbosch for support.

We are only a call away should you require any help with your Installation or would like one of our DStv installers in the Stellenbosch area to come out to you. Our technicians handle everything from helping you select the right requirements to provide you with a top-quality service.

 DStv Stellenbosch Support

Why Do You Need Accredited DStv?

Choosing an accredited installer eliminates the potential for hiccups along the way and you can have absolute peace of mind knowing everything installed correctly. Professionals in the industry often see installation tasks carried out by inexperienced installers that are messy and sometimes damage property. There are many DStv installers in Stellenbosch, but not all are accredited by Multi-choice. There are many reasons why you should choose to use a DStv accredited installer but the most important is they have the experience and expertise to handle an installation quickly as they understand the equipment and systems and also have access to all of the correct tools required.


We have confidence in our services and we want you to be happy with our service. If for some reason you’re not happy with our installer or the installation, please give us a call immediately, and will send the next available technician to sort out the problem. At DStv installation Stellenbosch we value our customers by delivering ongoing technical support and after-sales services which all our Dstv Installers are passionate to provide so, don’t hesitate to book an appointment now.

We know there are a lot of DStv Installation services providers in Stellenbosch you could choose from and we really value you taking an interest in us. If for any reason something goes wrong, we will come out as soon as possible at no additional charge to fix the problem.

Why Use DSTV Installation Stellenbosch?

  • Guarantee – All our Installations carry a three month warranty.
  • Customer Care – Excellent after-installation technical support.
  • Affordability – We buy all our equipment direct from manufacture hence the low prices.
  • Professionalism – We have a team of experienced DStv Installer near you available at short notice.
  • Satisfaction – Over 6 years of experience.
  • Service – Your Dstv technician will show up on time and look professional.
  • Safety – We hire only highly trained technicians who abide by our strict safety procedures.
  • Quality – we supply and use top-quality materials, backed by warranties.
  • Speed – Faster installation with our same-day service.
  • Neatness – Our installers always clean their mess when their done.
  • Expertise – Our technicians will install your decoder correctly to prevent problems.
  • Advice – Dstv Installation is our specialty. Feel free to ask us anything and we’ll give you our professional opinion.

What is DStv Explora and what are the advantages of getting one?

It is Personal Video Recorder(PVR). You pause live TV, record up to 110 hours of your favorite TV shows, hundreds of movies, and more kids’ shows as well! With the DStv Explora, you will always have something to enjoy You can watch Catch Up and even rent a movie from the Box Office. You can also connect it to the internet for extra features like DSTV Catch Up Plus and Showmax where you can binge-watch box sets.

How to connect yor DStv Explora? 

The performance of the DStv Explora and the availability of all its features is directly related to the quality of the installation. DSTV recommends an 80 cm satellite with a Smart LNB or Smart Switch when connected to a communal dish or if you are staying in a complex. Contact DSTV Installation Strand for more information.

DSTV Explora Ultra.

The DStv Explora Ultra brings the best of two worlds together by introducing streaming services / Apps to the popular DStv Explora, adding depth to the entertainment offering available. Now with built-in Wi-Fi, Streaming Apps, plus support for 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos for the amazing surround sound experience. Call now us at 068-281-3559 for more information.

DSTV HD decoder installation Requirements.

To get the best from your DStv HD Decoder, you need a properly aligned satellite dish with a single LNB. A DStv Smart LNB is required when setting up it for Extra View. If you have an existing Extra View installation, or your installation has multi-switches or multiple TVs, Multichoice recommends the use of Cape Town DStv installers. We also provide technical support in existing installations.

Are you having e48-32 dstv error code?

No need to worry because this is the most common DStv error and the good news is we are certified in this field and always offer sustainable solutions. Well, there are so many factors that contribute to this error.

What causes the e48-32 dstv error code?

The main causes are faulty LNB and heavy wind because it can shift your satellite dish off its correct alignment. Sometimes it can be due to bad weather because the Dstv signal is so sensitive, a loose connection within your installation, or a worn-out cable to name a few. As we all know, it is very important always to contact a DStv Accredited Installer near you to come out and check what’s causing the issue because fixing it is a bit technical and requires specialist equipment and tools. Moreover, if your dish requires relocation, our technicians can do that too. We also do LNB and Cable replacement.

Advantages Of An Extra View Installation.

In many households, the choice of TV programs always varies among family members. To resolve this impasse, Extra View is the best way to keep the whole family happy. Why? Because with ExtraView you can link either two or three decoders under ONE subscription (and only pay a Monthly Access Fee for the other decoders) which allows you to watch separate DStv channels under one roof independently without interfering with each other. We also do repairs to existing setups and clearing of the error E143-32 (waiting for communication from the primary decoder) as well.

What is a communal satellite dish?

dstv communal dish Stellenbosch

Having a communal satellite dish means you can have one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms as a customer might have. As shown in the picture above. It is ideal for properties. To sum up, this will keep your property looking good without the clutter of satellite dishes. It also increases the property value.

Open View HD Installation in Stellenbosch.

OVHD installation Stellenbosch

With Open View HD decoder or popularly known as OVHD, you can enjoy your local and international shows, including – blockbuster movies, drama, series, kids’ entertainment, reality, sports & news, Bollywood, as well as Turkish and Indian telenovelas dubbed in English and Afrikaans. Plus, you get to keep your favorite SABC channels and ETV as well. NO MONTHLY FEES.

What is a DStv Extra TV Point.

It is when a DStv decoder is splitting a single view into multiple TVs displaying the same picture. A point to note all recent DStv decoders for you to have an extra point, it requires an RF Modulator. This allows you to have as many TV’s you want in each and every room or on the patio in case you have a braai and still want the game without going back into the house. Our qualified DStv installers in Stellenbosch can assist you in installing all of that without any problem.

Surround Sound Installation in Stellenbosch.

Surround Sound

Do you need a theatre-quality sound experience without going to a movie house? Satellite Masters can help you out by installing and setting up your Surround sound system. Then you can enjoy watching your movies on your Dstv decoder, Netflix, Showmax, Prime Video, just to name a few. More so, listening to your music with the true sound quality from all angles of your room.

HDMI Extender Installation Stellenbosch.

Many factors affect an HDMI signal’s maximum length, including the distance you are spanning and differences in device output, interference, and technical requirements. When the signal length is too long, the quality of the picture begins to deteriorate. HDMI signal extenders can solve the problems caused by signal limitations and allow you to enjoy your entertainment to the fullest. The HDMI extender kit consists of a transmitter and a receiver, they run the picture over Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

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